Dear Gym, I have’snobbed’you

Stick Figure Gym Skull Candy

Four years ago and during the July ’06 ‘block party’, we moved from Tallet el Khayyat to Mar Takla. Naturally, we had spent numerous very, very long days¬†apartment¬†hunting, which had given us the chance to get to know our new neighborhood. Luckily, we were able to finalize any and all papers required by the time the party had reached ‘half-time’.

Mar Takla is one of these areas that bask in a ‘residential area’ halo, where shops and grocers open and close early, random people feed cats, and often on a Sunday afternoon, you will find someone teaching their kid how to drive in the household’s poshest car. We’re blessed to have basketball courts, a football court, and a tennis court. Also, we have a GYM!If you’re familiar with the area, you probably have a smirk on your face and know which gym I’m talking about. Continue reading