Auntie Salma’s Salon

I have been wanting to share my experiences at Auntie Salma’s with you for a while now. But where to begin?Last Spring, I decided to get my hair braided, for real. Not the braids we try to make at home, and not those imitation braids salons try to give you. I wanted real cornrows and whatever comes along with them.Enter Auntie SalmaAuntie Salma is a gorgeous Liberian woman who makes you forget about your day and the traffic of Mazraa the moment she greets you as you step into the salon. The first time I went there, I was a little worried of the outcome. I didn’t want to look Ike an egg! And, given that I have a more or less round-shaped head, high cheekbones and actual cheeks, I was expecting to look rather funny. Auntie Salma shares a hair salon – located between Mazraa and the Museum – with a charming lady who is responsible of other treatments.To get me all braided up, here is what Auntie Salma was working with Continue reading