Learning from Others’Mistakes

Ever been in a situation where you stopped to think: “How would I have reacted if this was my client at my workplace?”Ever, then, thought to yourself that mistakes that big are not likely to occur where you work, and how you go about doing what you do?The truth is, when we step out of the office, most of us become the ‘random detached client’ who demands the minimum standard of ‘user experience’ wherever he or she goes. This translates to the client getting what he or she has paid for, and being treated with¬†courtesy. The client also expects¬†the company to keep its promises; in the sense that if you advertise as the provider of ‘everything you might ever ask for’, I expect to find a pretty wide range of things that would fool me enough to fall for that idiom. The random detached client is that person who does not care if you are having a bad day, if there are way too many people you need to serve, or if you just ran out of the product you are known to serve best (like, salmon, at Japanese restaurants). But here is the catch: the random detached client is perhaps one of the easiest to impress. It’s right there in the name – detached. If you manage to impress that person, you have gained a customer.So, when those of us who have office jobs leave the office and become clients, how often do we think that we have earned the right to ‘not be too understanding’? Very often. It is only natural. Continue reading