Auntie Salma’s Salon

I have been wanting to share my experiences at Auntie Salma’s with you for a while now. But where to begin?Last Spring, I decided to get my hair braided, for real. Not the braids we try to make at home, and not those imitation braids salons try to give you. I wanted real cornrows and whatever comes along with them.Enter Auntie SalmaAuntie Salma is a gorgeous Liberian woman who makes you forget about your day and the traffic of Mazraa the moment she greets you as you step into the salon. The first time I went there, I was a little worried of the outcome. I didn’t want to look Ike an egg! And, given that I have a more or less round-shaped head, high cheekbones and actual cheeks, I was expecting to look rather funny. Auntie Salma shares a hair salon – located between Mazraa and the Museum – with a charming lady who is responsible of other treatments.To get me all braided up, here is what Auntie Salma was working with Continue reading

Happy New Year: Take the Jump!

Children playing in the sand at Lido Beach: Sarasota, Florida

[mp3_embed playlst="" colors="#1F55B2" id="2" nums="2"]Boy, was this year was full of surprises or what?Some of us found out what they really wanted to do, some of us decided to say yes – others to say no, some of us had their first child, and some of us decided this was their last stop. We all learned something. And hopefully, we all made real choices. Real choices that we are very excited to carry with us into this new year.And this is the time when we mostly reassess the year that has passed. Have you changed? Did you finally quit smoking? Did you lose weight? Are you happy? I sure hope you are.The truth is, the advent of a New Year is rarely accompanied by a total redistribution of Life’s cards. But, who cares? What is most important is that you feel excited about it. The cards are in your hands, after all. Continue reading

One of those days

Another Piece of the Puzzle


“You realize I saved your sorry self back there, right?”He was always very condescending. It helped him overcome his anxiety and the feeling he had that he was always one step behind in life and everything happening around him.”Make sure you know that you owe me one.”He gave her one last look, making it last long enough to give her the impression that he was evaluating her the way one evaluates a horse. Only when they finally made eye-contact, he walked away.It was the first time she had been mugged. She always thought she was too strong for someone to perceive her as prey. She always thought it would never happen to her.It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and it was one of those days where your soul takes a new dimension. It was one of those days where you imagine having taken another decision at some point way back in your past, and lose yourself in drawing the different path it would have been. Basically, it was one of those days where you do something that will either change your life, or drown you in regret. And knowing that, you still have no choice but to act upon it. She was almost there, in her thoughts, when someone shoved her and left her on the floor. Continue reading