The Spin Doctors of the Internets

….are at it again!


If you were born during the 80′s, chances are you’ve experienced this trend quite a number of times. It comes and goes and changes wording and justification, but it boils down to the same thing.Every now and then, someone with an extra few minutes on their hands decides to fire off a rumor about your flavor of the moment [website you spend most of your Internet time on] social network shutting down.You had to forward countless emails – designed to be eye-injuries – so that the Hotmail staff would know that your ‘account was still active’ and would not proceed to delete it, flushing all your emails and contacts away for evah.So you received prompts on either Hotmail, mIRC, ICQ, Hi5, and MySpace. And people would rally for them too! I remember actually getting a phone call from a friend asking me Continue reading

Happy New Year: Take the Jump!

Children playing in the sand at Lido Beach: Sarasota, Florida

[mp3_embed playlst="" colors="#1F55B2" id="2" nums="2"]Boy, was this year was full of surprises or what?Some of us found out what they really wanted to do, some of us decided to say yes – others to say no, some of us had their first child, and some of us decided this was their last stop. We all learned something. And hopefully, we all made real choices. Real choices that we are very excited to carry with us into this new year.And this is the time when we mostly reassess the year that has passed. Have you changed? Did you finally quit smoking? Did you lose weight? Are you happy? I sure hope you are.The truth is, the advent of a New Year is rarely accompanied by a total redistribution of Life’s cards. But, who cares? What is most important is that you feel excited about it. The cards are in your hands, after all. Continue reading