L’Histoire de la Petite Fille

Lately, I’ve been struggling with writing. For the past week, I have been stuck on three articles and a play. Now, the articles have finally gone out of my system and onto “virtual” paper. But the play…

The play was a different story. I had the characters, I had some scenes already written, but I just really didn’t seem to be able to pull them all together into one play that would treat an idea I wanted to get through. The last few days have been a bit rough, I must admit. And so, because of that, my creativity just seemed to have gone to a much nicer place to be, but one always springs back, right? :)

Then, tonight, out of nowhere, my Mother came to sit with me and showed me a Continue reading

The dis-Evolution of Advertising

Because nothing is as sexy as innocence

Remember the link that went around Twitter and Facebook? We all laughed at how women were portrayed as submissive sex objects. We all laughed at how things were being done, previously, and thanked God that ‘this was in the early 1900s’.Think it is very different now? Continue reading

I got the most constructive feedback from kids.

That’s right. Rarely is there any feedback is better than their honest, unbiased, straightforward, stinging comments.When the ‘how interesting’ ‘s, the ‘I really liked this’ ‘s, and the ‘how sweet of you’ ‘s just don’t weigh in – and are clogging my creative channels – ‘my’ kids are the best source for constructive, intelligent feedback. Continue reading

Hi…My name is Stephanie Nour

Not the most common of names. And, I know that, because for the past twenty-something years that I can remember, people have made sure to remind me.I was born in the 80′s, and aside from the fact that that itself already rocks (and, I’ve actually seen people holding signs saying it does), the following is what it was like.

Petite Section

My actual school picture in Mme Jacqueline Fayyad 's class, 1988- 1989

When I was just starting school, the civil war had just embarked in its ending phase. Although most people had TV, most only had C33, TeleLiban, MTV, Future TV, and some other channels I honestly can’t remember. And that was it. We watched fake Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Terrence and Candy speak Arabic way before today’s MBC dubbed Eddie Murphy – al najda. Then we had Mini Studio and we all know we are actually born too old to watch that. Continue reading