L’Histoire de la Petite Fille

Lately, I’ve been struggling with writing. For the past week, I have been stuck on three articles and a play. Now, the articles have finally gone out of my system and onto “virtual” paper. But the play…

The play was a different story. I had the characters, I had some scenes already written, but I just really didn’t seem to be able to pull them all together into one play that would treat an idea I wanted to get through. The last few days have been a bit rough, I must admit. And so, because of that, my creativity just seemed to have gone to a much nicer place to be, but one always springs back, right? :)

Then, tonight, out of nowhere, my Mother came to sit with me and showed me a Continue reading

Araniss! Araniss!

During the last weekend, I notice someone had brought home raw ears of corn, and displayed them on the kitchen table. It is interesting how such simple veggie can bring one years back…The idea of “corn on the cob” is sealed into my childhood memories. And somehow, even though I can order or prepare corn on the cob myself – which would definitely be a lot cleaner – there is little that equates to the experience of buying from a corn on the cob stand.When I was very young, our outings were limited due to the political conflict presiding over the county. I spent part of my childhood between Switzerland and Lebanon, and my Mother had to be very creative to keep this kid entertained. She would brave army Continue reading