L’Histoire de la Petite Fille

Lately, I’ve been struggling with writing. For the past week, I have been stuck on three articles and a play. Now, the articles have finally gone out of my system and onto “virtual” paper. But the play…

The play was a different story. I had the characters, I had some scenes already written, but I just really didn’t seem to be able to pull them all together into one play that would treat an idea I wanted to get through. The last few days have been a bit rough, I must admit. And so, because of that, my creativity just seemed to have gone to a much nicer place to be, but one always springs back, right? :)

Then, tonight, out of nowhere, my Mother came to sit with me and showed me a Continue reading

One of those days

Another Piece of the Puzzle


“You realize I saved your sorry self back there, right?”He was always very condescending. It helped him overcome his anxiety and the feeling he had that he was always one step behind in life and everything happening around him.”Make sure you know that you owe me one.”He gave her one last look, making it last long enough to give her the impression that he was evaluating her the way one evaluates a horse. Only when they finally made eye-contact, he walked away.It was the first time she had been mugged. She always thought she was too strong for someone to perceive her as prey. She always thought it would never happen to her.It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and it was one of those days where your soul takes a new dimension. It was one of those days where you imagine having taken another decision at some point way back in your past, and lose yourself in drawing the different path it would have been. Basically, it was one of those days where you do something that will either change your life, or drown you in regret. And knowing that, you still have no choice but to act upon it. She was almost there, in her thoughts, when someone shoved her and left her on the floor. Continue reading

Room 1307

I had written this for a class I was taking a few years ago. I cannot reveal the exact intent of the assignment, but you will get it if you get to the end of the page. Do let me know what you think!

North Wales Sanatorium c1935, Denbigh

North Wales Sanatorium c1935, Denbigh

I must admit that I was not surprised when I woke up this morning and found her there, expressionless as always. Her hair was parted in the middle and set behind her ears.

It has been five months now since I first saw her. When she first came in, I had to go out and stay in the hall for the night because she tried to hit me, shouting something like: “It is unfair, there’s nothing wrong with me. They’re probably regretting their mistake as we speak!!” Continue reading


Last weekend, as I was cleaning out and preparing my home office for this year, I stumbled upon a few poems of different genres I had written around three years ago. Some were for a class, some weren’t. I am particularly fond of this one, so I wanted to share it with you :) All feedback is appreciated.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Continue reading