1. i pretty much face the very same thing every day except replace everything you’ve done with drawing… research… simpsons..robin williams stand up comedy… more research.. more drawing… creating a fully animated short ( not the kind you wear ).. and snacking lol the way i cope with it is either turn on the simpsons on very low volume and try to fall asleep. or turn on a white noise website to create the sound of waves and gigantic mamals feeding each other. or just waves or! you can just buckle up and go to work looking like a magnificently stoned rastafarian teenager… all the best steph! by the way your drawings are awesome!


    1. Thank you, still a lot of work to do. So nice to get some feedback from you! Ladies and gentlemen, this dude here is AMAZING!
      I’m kind of bummed though that the fully animated short is not the kind you wear, you might want to try that, haha! :P
      gigantic mammals feeding each other, I wouldn’t expect anything less creative from you dear. You should really consider maintaining a blog with your animations and work. “The people have the RIGHT to know!”

  2. Danielle says:

    hahah! I can’t tell you how I relate to this! There is just too much online to keep you interested and entertained..and then all of a sudden you realize it’s 5:30am! SHIIIITTTT! It’s really gotten to a point where I have to force myself to let the computer go. Not good, not good! Do you ever thing that these things are the cause of insomnia? This incessant flow of information?!?! Making you feel like you’re never reading enough?