L’Histoire de la Petite Fille

Lately, I’ve been struggling with writing. For the past week, I have been stuck on three articles and a play. Now, the articles have finally gone out of my system and onto “virtual” paper. But the play…

The play was a different story. I had the characters, I had some scenes already written, but I just really didn’t seem to be able to pull them all together into one play that would treat an idea I wanted to get through. The last few days have been a bit rough, I must admit. And so, because of that, my creativity just seemed to have gone to a much nicer place to be, but one always springs back, right? :)

Then, tonight, out of nowhere, my Mother came to sit with me and showed me a bunch of drawings, letters, messages, and stories I had written when I was much younger. Then, I spotted what is probably one of the first stories I have ever written. My Mother says I was 6 5 (I double-checked) when I wrote it, and, judging by the spelling, “intricate” story development and drawings, I’m guessing she is right!

So, I decided to share it with you. It goes like this:

Cover Page

“The Story of the Little Girl”

Page 1

“The meadow is very beautiful, but (misspelled as sea in French…) my mommy does not let me go.” No idea what the red thing on the right is.

Pages 2 and 3

“But, I save myself. She sees me, so I hide…”

Pages 4 and 5

Extra drawings of the beautiful meadow…

Page 6

The End!

 Sometimes, something like this is all one needs to get back on track.



  1. deubleudi says:

    .: can’t I upload an image for a comment on ur post?
    .: Sorry…I don’t think so, it’s a pity though.

    One of my favorites so far, took me back to childhood.. thank you for an amazing leap into the past :)

    Keep it up

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