This is how it feels…

…to have a migraine…[GRAPHIC]

Eye Gouge

…yep.I know by now you are less than pleased of my use of all those “happy” colors – sorry. But you see, I never used to have migraine before. Up until a year ago, I had never had anything that could even compare to strong headaches. And all of a sudden out of nowhere, me and Migraine are together on a weekly basis. At first, I could time it, it would almost always happen on a Sunday. I would experience the “aura” – those symptoms that alert you that something is going to hit the fan – and a while later, a sudden strong nausea would hit and I would know that the pain would not have me wait. So, what to do?At first, only a specific brand of meds would dull the pain away. However, my Migraine is strong and feisty and now the meds don’t have any effect. My ritual was so clearly defined; I’d have a small lunch, just enough to take the head meds and those pills they give you to “protect your intestinal flora”, then I’d go to my room which by then I would have turned into a dark echoey cave. Ice-cream would almost always be a good en-cas. And I used to hide in bed until the spell was broken. But none of this works anymore. Not the doctor’s suggestions, not the sleeping, not the hot towel, not the cold towel, icepack, hot water bottle, ice-cream, anti-inflammatory pills, herbal teas and infusions. None. So my doctor(s) and I have made a deal, the next few migraines, I have to just ride them out. Sweet, no? Except that my finals are next week, and I have tons of projects with nearing deadlines, etc.So, what are your ways of coping with migraines? What is your ritual?

How it feels to have a migraine

…please share?




  1. Rawad says:

    Dear Stef,Migraine can cease once u remove its causes! I dont remember hearing about a treatment or a medicine for Migraine. A holisitc approach could be more effective in this case. Prevention is best treatment.One might be electrosensitive: Less cellphone & laptop use can be helpful.More outdoors activities, and last but not least, I would recommend to enroll in a Yoga class. Take care. Peace.Rawad xXx

    1. That is so true! I can’t wait to have more time on my hands – or, actually, make – and taking care of my wellbeing a little more is definitely on my to-do list this summer. For the time being, however, I do have some projects and finals on my schedule, and these migraines hit me really whenever… Thanks, Rawad :)

  2. Rawad says:

    According to hatha yoga, the canon of physical wellbeing in the hindu literature, a human being’s body is composed of 7 energetic centres, called chakras. Good care of body through hatha yoga keeps a balanced flow of energy between these chakras; then body is happy and mind happy, & vice versa. + soul if one is a believer. Each asana or posture is meant to strengthen each specific chakra…eh w heik minkhabbrik…

    1. That is really interesting. I’d bet anything that my chakras now are in total turmoil, haha…I really can’t wait to spend less time seated in front of a screen…Thanks for all the wonderful tips :)

  3. Rawad says:

    Aum for 9 minutes daily, it helps a lot! preferably twice a day, at sunrise and sunset time. 18 minutes of your time. Seated clean in a comfortable posture, back straight, preferably on a woolen blanket or a rug: Deep breath through the nostrils and AUM, 3 syllables, giving equal time for each syllable. It feels great!xXx

  4. Danielle says:

    OH no girll..this is not normal! I hope you feel better..don’t think I’ve ever had a migraine in my life.. Maybe you should look into alternative remedies?