Jean-Michel Jarre at Beirut Souks

Yesterday, someone very dear surprised me with two front-row seats tickets to Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert. Jarre is one of those musicians/performers/producers who knows everything and anything about the concerts he does, using lights, laser, and fireworks to supplement his already captivating shows (more about him).Initially, I had not intended to go. But once the previous arrangements subsided, and once presented with the tickets, I had no excuse to miss out on the concert.Here’s the 411 on the event:

  1. Fans arriving at the venue.
  2. People/fans dressed for their wedding arriving at the venue.
  3. Politicians arriving at the venue. Let me tell you this, our politicians love them some JMJ.
  4. The usual latecomers come prancing in.
  5. Tada! Jean-Michel Jarre makes his entrance. The man is in total sync with his music. Let me tell you this, no matter what your taste in music is, you always can admire someone who is completely ‘one’ with his work. Now, the Lebanese concert was filmed, meaning that it is the very one that will be featured on the DVD. The music was technically almost impeccable. The light and laser work had everybody in awe at least around five times during the concert.
  6. People start leaving.
  7. More people start leaving.
  8. Fireworks. Don’t you hate those? Well, not if you went to the concert yesterday. I am probably one of the first to get frustrated when people decide to randomly use fireworks, but I fell in love with them all over again yesterday. Launched from behind the stage, the fireworks seemed to pierce their way to the sky, and then take a plunge right in our direction, only to explode right above the crowd. Now the fireworks were launched earlier than expected, and here’s when JMJ put the ‘awe’ right back in ‘awesome’. He went on to perform one of his tracks during the fireworks session. And that was just surreal (video below)
  9. More people start leaving.
  10. JMJ performs two of his more famous tracks. The ‘standing’ area was still almost completely packed, as opposed to the seated area, that was almost completely…empty! Where did you people go?

So folks, if you were there, what is your take on the concert?The following are a video and pictures Faisal Merheb took of the event:[youtube=]Jean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut SouksJean-Michel Jarre at Beirut Souks


  1. Faisal says:

    Loved the post…like the brief over view, i the music was out of this world, loved the music notes lazer rais effect wonderful never seen that before.

  2. Thank you! I agree about the notes and the laser, that was something!Thanks for the great video! You should upload more vids and pics of the event to your flickr.